Nobody is truly stress free, however, we found that millennials report higher levels and frequency of stress than any other generation. 
This raised the question as to whether millennials are genuinely the most stressed, did not have the tools to properly cope with stress, or a mix of both. As it turns out, it was a mix. This meant our product range would need to be agile enough to help our users cope with stress in the moment and learn to effectively manage stress in the long term.
The Domi system was designed to help our users identify and cope with stress in the short term, by monitoring biometrics and offering feedback to the user before stress became unmanageable. The system was also designed to help our users manage and prevent stress over the long term. The wearable products were designed to help you identify stress and cope with it immediately. The app was designed to help you cope with stress and manage your emotional wellness over time. The home device was designed to help you manage and prevent stress. 
We gathered images that we felt would invite touch, balance and serenity, using images that reflect both eastern and western aesthetics.
 The name Domi comes from the latin word for home, and when spoken produces a soft embouchure, which is pleasurable to say.
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